Energy from Waste

The increasing awareness of environmental issues and the use of legislation is driving the recycling industry to new levels. Local government has been working to strict targets for a number of years and the UK having traditionally used landfill sites to dispose of general waste is now using these same sites to capture landfill gas as the waste decomposes.

On a broader scale both farm and food waste are now being sent to plants to be converted to energy and heat which can then be used in different ways.

Harnessing energy from waste has many benefits: It helps the UK reduce its dependency on energy imports and contributes towards reducing carbon emissions and meeting global renewable energy targets.

The financing and construction of plants is an integral part of the ongoing growth within the industry and an area where global business are looking to be a part of the sector in the UK.

Chesterton Gray has a very well established Energy from Waste Group on LinkedIn which has facilitated a number of members transacting business as well as some challenging debates on the future of the industry.

We have worked with a number of European players in the sector to help them recruit key members of staff in order to drive their businesses forward. 

  • Project Manager
  • Project Director
  • Technical Services Manager

If you would like to discuss how we would undertake a search for you in the sector please contact us on 0203 1300 393.

If you are a candidate in the sector and would like to register your details and interest with us then please forward your CV to environmental@chestertongray.com