Interview Skills Training

Being interviewed is not easy, particularly if it is for your 'dream' job and you are fearful of messing it up!

The interview is a controlled discussion between you and the prospective employer, or line manager if you are going for promotion. The interviewer is not there to trick you but to find out if you are a suitable candidate, that you have the skills that you mention on your CV and that you will fit well into the organisation and team.

The interview itself may take a number of different forms; it could be formal or informal, be conducted by one person, a panel or a committee and may follow a number of strategies and techniques. It may even be wholly on-line using AI.

Most interviews are generally competency, strength or value based and possibly a combination of all three.

If you think you need help with your interview technique, feel decidedly rusty when it comes to interviews or keep coming a close second then you could benefit from our personal Interview Skills Training.

Our Senior Career Coach, Paul Holmes, has over thirty five years' experience of helping individuals succeed in their job search. He provides personalised one to one interview skills training tailored to your specific needs giving you the best chance of success.

You will work closely with him to improve your interview skills, fully understand and appreciate the interview process and be totally prepared to give a strong and confident performance when it matters most.

Our Interview Skills Training is fully bespoke to you, the sector you are in and the roles you are applying for, rather than being generic.

The sessions are delivered online (or face to face if you prefer) with subsequent support and advice whilst you are in the interview process.

Before your Session
We will talk through your CV with you, discuss the type of roles you are applying for and identify all areas of concern and any challenges you might face.

The Session
This will be online and will include a discussion around interview types, what the interviewer is looking for, do's and don'ts, a mock interview and full feedback.

After the Session
We will provide you with supporting material and advice guides as well as be available for ongoing support and assistance as your interview journey progresses.

Support can be both face to face (where applicable), online and via telephone and email. 

For more information please contact Paul Holmes on 0203 1300 393 or by email at or fill in the form above.

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