Search Services

Following an initial in depth discussion with you to gain a full understanding of your needs and the background & experience of the individual you are seeking, we will discuss with you the best way to find them. In many cases this will involve the use of direct search.

Within the sectors we cover it is often the case that individuals are not necessarily actively seeking to move so it is unlikely that they will be on a database, or even respond to an advertisement; our skill is in identifying these individuals for you and confidentially contacting them to see if they are open to your opportunity. 

Why Engage a Headhunter?

  • Proactively search out candidates who are exclusive to you 
  • Confidential - can approach candidates/individuals without ‘showing your hand’ 
  • Access to extensive networks and contacts 
  • Help with defining the job and person specification and advise on whom and what is out there 
  • 100% recruitment focused 
  • Act as an adviser/recruitment partner 
  • Give salary and benefits advice 
  • Help smooth the interview – offer – placement process. Identify & remove bottlenecks and stumbling blocks 
  • Able to see other sectors/backgrounds candidates may come from 
  • Able to talk freely to your competitors, particularly if the project is confidential or sensitive 
  • Keep going until completion 
  • Pass on sector/competitor information 
  • Reticent candidates will talk to us if they are concerned about confidentiality 
  • Work on difficult projects where candidates are hard to find

All search firms are the same, right? Well, no. And to make sure that you pick the right one for your needs here are ten questions you should be asking of them. Naturally, here at Chesterton Gray, we can answer each one perfectly...Ten Questions to ask your Search Firm

The Search Process


  • Preparing an initial target list of companies to research into covering relevant sectors, usually around 30-50 organisations. 
  • Relevant individuals to approach within these companies are then identified.

Networks & Contacts

  • Searching across our networks around these sectors and via known contacts.


  • Preparation of a comprehensive Profile which outlines the company and the role. Two versions of this are used; a highly confidential version which can be sent to candidates that express an initial interest and a more detailed version to be given to candidates at interview stage.

The Search

  • Confidentially contacting potential candidates to discuss the opportunity 
  • Interviewing potential candidates that are of interest and interested 
  • Preparing a shortlist of 4-5 candidates 
  • Arranging for Shortlisted candidates to meet with you 
  • Checking candidates to ensure that they are highly motivated to move on 
  • Communicating with candidates through to offer and acceptance stage

Weekly Report

  • During the project a weekly progress report is sent, detailing the candidates contacted and including feedback on factors such as candidate location issues, salary requirements, restrictive covenants and notice periods.