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Based in the UK, but working on an international stage, Chesterton Gray has a wealth of experience and know-how when it comes to resourcing talent for your business. Sector focused and utilising detailed research and in depth candidate assessments, we successfully deliver results for our clients. 

All search firms are the same, right? Well, no. Speed, quality of research and a robust shortlist of candidates for you to meet make all the difference. That is why we put shortlisted candidates through our proven assessment process to make sure that they meet your requirements.

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Latest News, Views & Career Insights

Where have all the industrials gone?

How times have changed! A recent survey named the UK’s most sought after employers and none were industrial groups; all were retailers, service providers or money men and bean counters.

War for talent

This is a great expression and neatly sums up the skills shortages in the UK and the need for businesses to ‘go to war’ to find and attract talent for their businesses.