CV Review

Ask one hundred people what the ideal CV looks like and you will get one hundred different answers. Writing your CV is not easy!

The purpose of a CV is to record your personal details and your career history giving a prospective employer a thumb-nail sketch of your ability and experience in order that they can decide whether to invite you to an initial interview. It is there to sell you and is a marketing tool; consequently good presentation is important.

If you are having difficulty with your job search, or feel that your CV is not having the impact that you hope, then our comprehensive CV Review Service could be what you need.

The Review includes:

* Initial Zoom or telephone meeting to discuss your needs

* Comprehensive review of your CV

* Discussion around your work history and background

* Preparation of a draft updated CV

* Review and discussion around the updated document

* Advice and guidance

Support can be both face to face (where applicable), online and via telephone and email. For more information please contact Paul Holmes on 0203 1300 393 or by email at or fill in the form above. 

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