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GDPR and the great unknown

Anyone remember y2k? We must get invited to 3-4 seminars/webinars and workshops a week about GPDR at the moment; all free but with the facility to ‘employ’ them afterwards if you need any help with compliance.

Show us the cash! Architect vs Plumber

As the saying goes; ‘you’ll never be out of work as a plumber’, but now you can add; ‘and you’ll probably always earn more than an architect’! The same goes for other tradespeople as well.

The older, happier worker

If you want to be in the happiest group of workers then you need to be male, over 55, working for a micro business and preferably in a marketing or communications role, according to the latest survey.

The unhealthy office worker

We know that poor office design can cause stress and bad health in the workplace but now it turns out that working in an office will cost you an average of 9lbs in weight gain!