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What happened to hard work? Graduate Jobs – the future

Post Covid you would expect that young job seekers ideas about their career had changed and gained some perspective. Not so, according to recent research by the Institute of Student Employers.

What now for the handshake?

For centuries the handshake has been the accepted form of greeting between business people, old friends and acquaintances. Is it now gone forever? If we can't 'shake on a deal’ what else can we do?

Has the candidate journey changed forever?

As we move away from a candidate led market to an employer led one, chances are if you are applying for a job, or an employer recruiting, how you go about it may have changed dramatically

Benefits for Remote Workers - end of the road for the car?

Is the company car dead? If you want to attract and retain remote workers what do you need to offer, besides a salary and the usual benefits, instead of a company car?