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Candidate perception vs client perception

At interview we always judge candidates, but they also judge us: they expect to be sold the role by the company as much as they expect to have to sell themselves for the position.

Is the standard interview dead?

It seems that traditional interview methods are dead and technology is the future. Yes, the face to face interview does have its faults and may not always be a good predictor of job performance, but let’s not bin it just yet.

Will AI ever replace HR?

Artificial Intelligence software to replace HR and recruitment functions? If you receive 1million plus applications a year it may at least help you to manage the process more efficiently and fairly

GDPR and the great unknown

Anyone remember y2k? We must get invited to 3-4 seminars/webinars and workshops a week about GPDR at the moment; all free but with the facility to ‘employ’ them afterwards if you need any help with compliance.