Assessing Employee Engagement

Despite the growth in new technologies – digitalisation, robotics and artificial intelligence amongst them – it is not beyond the imagination to expect that there will always be organisations looking for new employees; and that there will always be people looking for new job roles.

Similarly, recruiting the best new people, and looking for the best organisation to work for; will also remain a challenge.

Recognising this, it would seem appropriate to assess experience amongst existing employees. What is it like to work for this organisation? What is keeping individuals working here? What is leading them to leave? Are we in the right position, do we have the right environment to attract the best new talent?

Employee well-being and employee experience impact employee engagement; customer experience; and subsequently organisational productivity and overall performance.

Successful organisations recognising or suspecting the importance of well-being and employee experience can take advantage of an independent, extensively researched measurement framework focused on gaining comprehensive understanding and insight amongst employees. Using the framework, employees can express their feelings towards the organisation – all captured through EMpressions and WELLpressions measurements, and presented in a series of powerful easy to decipher dashboards.

Gaining this understanding and insight allows an organisation to identify where to prioritise efforts to keep employees – as well as to attract new ones; and to be an employer of choice amongst those looking for a new role.

The EMpressions and WELLpressions measures truly offer a comprehensive overview of what an organisation’s experience is actually like…

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