Using Job Boards

There are something in the region of 4000 job boards active in the UK that seem cover every manner of specialist vacancy and obscure sector you can think of! Most of these of course cater for more junior roles than you would be interested in, so which job boards should you be looking at?

Over the last 10-15 years the job boards have put the newspaper adverts out of business. Yes, you still get a few roles advertised in some of the magazines and occasionally in the quality press but candidates don’t look there any more to find a new role. The days of the Telegraph and Times having 20-30 page jobs pages are in the distant past, so where should you be looking?

There are a number of quality job boards that cater for management and Director level roles that you should look at on a regular basis. You can also register with many of these and post your CV so that if a vacancy comes up with your chosen criteria, you get notified or your details get sent to the advertiser. Beware though that your CV may be sent out and you remain unaware of this which doesn’t come across well if the recruitment firm contacts you and you know nothing about it!

Searching for a role on some sites is also a time consuming task as their search criteria is not always comprehensive; many don’t have for example ‘food manufacturing’ as a sector and since when has ‘sales’ been an industry sector?

Many of the ‘general sites’ such as Total Jobs and Monster do carry senior level roles but you should focus on the specific ‘executive level’ sites such as All Executive Jobs, Exec2Exec, Executive-I, Experteer as well as the Telegraph and Times on-line pages also.

Sadly with so many job boards there is not one site that covers everything so you need to find ten or so that look likely to cover the roles you are seeking and trawl them on a weekly basis.

For a list of all UK job boards go to:

Using Job Boards - download the pdf