Smart Career Moves

You will no doubt find a ton of information on the Internet and in books, as well as at seminars and workshops, on what your next career move should be if you are looking to climb the corporate ladder. (This begs the question: is there still a corporate ladder to climb? The answer to this could be either yes or no depending on your view of a career). But what is certain is that in order to have a fulfilling career, where you can realise your potential and get towards the top, there are several ‘smart’ career moves you can make to help facilitate this.

These could equally apply to a career in a corporate, where you aim to stay in one company or sector for life, or to a ‘portfolio’ career where you move between sectors and large and small companies.

They are in no particular order:

  • Move overseas or take an international assignment
  • Learn a language and take your company international
  • Develop your successor
  • Turn around a problem Division or Department
  • Join a start up
  • Do an MBA
  • Learn sales and negotiation skills
  • Get seconded to the company’s ‘bogey’ department and make it work (probably customer services!)
  • Learn to lead and manage
  • Find yourself a mentor both internally and externally
  • Get elected to the board of your industry association
  • Find and develop the next big product or service in your company

You may be thinking that you have already completed one or more of these and found that they have made a big difference to your career; if not keep looking and learning!

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