Top Ten UK Jobs

You may be starting to think about your job, your career and your future direction. Part of this may be the realisation that you are in the wrong career and need to move. But to what? Well if you follow the trends and want to get into one of the top 10 highest paid UK jobs, you may be disappointed…

Of the Top 10 highest paid roles only a few could be considered as having low entry qualifications, putting aside for the moment all the experience you will need to persuade the employer to take you on. Let’s have a look at the top 10:

1. Brokers

2. Chief Executives

3. Marketing Directors

4. Aircraft Pilots

5. Financial Manager & Directors

6. In-house Lawyers

7. Air Traffic Controllers

8. Medical Practitioners

9. IT & Communications Directors

10. Banking & Insurance Managers and Directors

Out of all of these only number 1 and number 7 require little in the way of educational achievement (5 GCSE’s and no formal qualifications) but for all the rest you will need a specialist education and to have earned your stripes through the ranks, although for a Chief Executive or Marketing Director it is experience that counts rather than education. Looking at all of them though you might reasonably expect a degree to be the minimum entry requirement to a successful career.

So, what could you earn in these top jobs? At number ten we see an average of c£75,000 through to number 1 with an average of c£134,000. Five out of the ten have actually seen a decline in salary in the last year (2016) with 8.2% at number 10, 2.5% at number 8 and number 3, together with 1.1% at number 6, with a slight decrease as well at number 4 – it’s not all good at the top! IT professionals have done the best with a 9% increase last year, with Brokers just behind at 6.2%.

Food for thought...

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