As part of our Outplacement Services we offer a range of Psychometric Assessments that can be tailored to the function and career you are interested in. For example for Sales Leaders we have a specific test which will help you to highlight your Sales Expertise.

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Do you want to start your own business? Understand the skills you have and what you may need to acquire/develop to become a successful entrepreneur.

The Assessment: Entrepreneurial Report and Interpretive Coaching Session

Who is it for? People facing redundancy who want to start their own business. Or existing business owners considering new Directors/partners.

What it does: Provides clarity on the personal strengths and challenges facing an individual who is considering starting their own business.

Entrepreneurial Potential Summary provides information on the 6 core areas of the Entrecode® model, followed by a brief description of each area.

Entrepreneurial Potential Profile provides greater detail by breaking the 6 core areas down into 21 aspects of entrepreneurial potential. For each of the 21 areas a description is provided which varies according to the individual’s score.

Facing Difficult Times, Struggling To Cope? Understand how to maximise your strengths and build your resilience.

The Assessment: Building Resilience And Agility Report and Development Report with Interpretive Coaching Session

Who is it for? Existing staff during corporate restructuring and those facing redundancy.

What it does: Looks at whether people are likely to be effective during change and whether they have the resilience to maintain that effectiveness over the longer term.

Are you in the wrong job? Facing redundancy? Or do you just want a change of career?

The Assessment: The Strong Interpretive Report with Interpretative Coaching Session

Who is it for? Individuals facing redundancy and looking to align their career with their interests or to change career.

What it does: The Strong Interest Inventory: starts with a broad view of the candidate’s general fields of interest, and then continues to suggest specific career options for the individual, and giving them an insight into their likely professional style once in a job.

The instrument looks at six broad interest areas determining to what extent a person is artistic, social, enterprising, conventional or realistic It also:-

  • Measures candidate preferences within 30 professional fields, from the arts to law
  • Ranks the top ten most compatible occupations from a possible 260 specific jobs
  • Describes an individual’s personal style within five workplace themes, such as teamworking, leadership and risk-taking
  • And is based on large, representative norms that account for race, age and gender 

  • Looking for a new high-level role? Demonstrate to your future employer that you have the required profile via a highly rated leadership psychometric.

    The Assessment: Leadership Impact Report with interpretive coaching session

    Who is it for? Directors and Senior/Middle Management in post or in outplacement

    What it does: Assesses Leadership Styles in the areas of Professionalism, People, and Pioneering (Entrepreneurialism)

    The report also includes a Leadership Potential Profile and a Situational Leadership Assessment which depicts the typical environments in which the candidate will thrive or merely survive.

    Demonstrate to your future employer that you are a low risk Leadership appointment.

    The Assessment: Leadership Risk Report with interpretive Coaching Session

    Who is it for? Directors and Senior/Middle Management in post or in outplacement.

    What it does: This report provides information on nine Leadership Risk areas, within the

    the three leadership sections, Professional, People and Pioneering. Implications are given for the two highest potential risk areas, relating to the individual, the organisation and the culture.

    Enhanced Assessment: Dual Leadership Impact Report and Leadership Risk Report with interpretive coaching session

    Demonstrate to a future employer your strengths across the many competencies of a sales professional?

    The Assessment: Sales Expert Report

    Who is it for? Sales Directors and Senior/Middle Management in post or in outplacement.

    What it does: This report provides information on motives, preferences, needs, talents and sales potential, based on the candidate’s responses to the Styles questionnaire. 

    The sections of the report are as follows:-

    Sales Styles Profile outlines the eight main styles sections, grouped under the four major cluster headings of Thought, Influence, Adaptability and Delivery.

    Sales Competency Profile gives a unique prediction of the candidate’s likely strengths and limitations in eight key sales areas.

    Sales Focus Profile provides information on the candidate’s potential against three sales focus indicators (New Business Focus, Account Management Focus and Sales Leadership Focus) which relate to effectiveness in different sales roles.

    Sales Environment Fit Profile gives an indication of the workplace situations in which the candidate is likely to be more or less effective as a salesperson.