Sales Manager

The company has created a smart water monitoring solution, from direct insertion sensors within a network, through to communications and the software used by the water companies to view the processed and evaluated information and provide comprehensive event detection. Their bespoke system solutions, implemented using an R & D framework, are sold into the water utilities.

Their water monitoring system allows information from the water network to talk to the utility, providing all the information that is needed to ensure high quality water reaches the customer. The system solution comprises in-pipe water monitor probes, that take constant readings across many parameters, which securely transmit all data back to a central system, providing complete network visibility.

The system processes and analyses data collected by the probes and other devices to detect events and calculate useful metrics about water quality and water leakage, ensuring that if anything happens the network is alerted.

The company has spent many years developing the system, software and probes which is now available as a bespoke system for clients across the water networks. To prove the system they have undertaken pilot projects and are now looking to sell full scale implemented solutions across clients’ water networks.

Company Growth & Development

Employing 20 and backed by substantial investment, this is a very exciting time for the company as they embark on the next phase of their growth and development, which will be significant.

The company has been developing its technology for the last few years and are now commercialising systems as full scale solutions for the water utilities, both in the UK and overseas.

Sales Opportunity

An essential part of this growth plan is the recruitment of an experienced Sales professional, with in depth knowledge of the water sector, who can help spearhead the growth and development of the company into a substantial market leader.

This will involve finding and developing opportunities to sell in their water monitoring solutions to the UK water sector.

This will include:

Developing relationships with the water utilities, tier 1 and 2 civil & process contractors/partnerships to ensure all business opportunities are known and realised
Liaison with internal technical and commercial teams
Working with customers to develop bespoke solutions
Developing a full understanding of the marketplace

They will need a background in the water sector, preferably with technical knowledge and experience of telemetry/SCADA/monitoring systems and have the drive, attitude and enthusiasm to develop long term solution projects with the water utilities.

Future prospects to lead and grow a sales/commercial team in the UK and overseas are excellent

To apply, please forward your career resume quoting reference 120109 to Chesterton Gray, Email: