What candidates want

Post pandemic we seem to be fully back in the 'war for talent': plenty of opportunities but fewer active candidates. 

Those that are thinking of moving are now more demanding of what they want from an employer, according to the latest research from Moneypenny.

Their recent poll suggests that employees have re-evaluated what they want from a job with six out of ten saying their priorities have changed since the pandemic. 

This is what they rated as the most important aspects of jobs now:

Salary: 46%

Flexibility in general: 22%

Option to work from home or the office: 11%

Company culture: 9%

Benefits: 6%

I guess that the pandemic has made people think more about the security of their career which has a knock on effect on salary and benefits. The poll has backed this up with around 40% saying they had plans to move jobs but didn't due to concerns over security, opting to stay where they were until times got better, which is fully understandable.

I am surprised though by only 11% rating remote/hybrid working as important as this tends to be one of the first questions a candidate will ask us about a role.

Retention and recruitment will continue to be high priorities for most employers this year but with mixed messages about what candidates want - or demand - from a role, this could make it difficult for some to attract, or retain, employees.

The grass is greener?