Time to Plan Your Next Move?

Now that the summer is over and you have (hopefully) had time to reflect on where your career is going, particularly if you are in the one third of employees who are unhappy at work, September is a good time to start your search for a move.

Recent reports have highlighted the top three reasons people look for a change: they feel they can get more money elsewhere (33 per cent); they feel they can get more satisfaction elsewhere (30 per cent); they don’t feel their skills are valued by current employers (21per cent). So not down to ‘happiness’ at work at all then!

Although a third of workers are unhappy, the happiest group of workers were identified as being male, over 55, working for a micro business and preferably in a marketing or communications role. Surprisingly, those in very small companies scored much higher on the happiness scale that larger concerns and older workers in certain industries rated themselves higher than anyone else. Overall though, workers across the UK seem pretty happy and positive in their work.

Whilst we can’t all wait until we are old to be happy at work, or work for a very small business, perhaps it’s the relationships with our fellow workers, and ourselves that are key to fulfilment at work. That and the salary!

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