The benefits of knitting

After all the hoo-ha in recent years over flexible working as an employee perk it seems that this is declining in popularity and being overtaken by clubs and activities, such as knitting (yes, knitting). Whilst salary is the biggest component of any package, additional benefits beyond holidays and bonuses can mean the difference when it comes to attracting and keeping talented employees. But with thousands of different benefits available how do you know which are being used and which are attractive for employees?

Perkbox, an employee benefits platform, recently surveyed UK employees to see what the most popular perks are from their perspective and this has highlighted a growing demand for the less obvious choices such as offering clubs and activities.

Benefits such as flexitime and free drinks on a Friday scored an average of 72/100, with employees also scoring Christmas parties and sabbaticals at this level. If these are now ‘expected’ perks what else can employers offer to help attract and retain their people? Looking at the Perk Index from the survey at number one was extracurricular clubs with 97/100, followed by a pool table at 92/100 with flexi-hours also up there at 82/100.

Some companies offer a flexible benefits package where you can choose those best suited for you since not everyone wants to work from home or bring the dog to work!

There is growing evidence that benefits at work such as clubs, social activities, canteens, relaxation areas etc have a positive effect on employee engagement and improve team work and collaboration. But here is the rub – it seems only 3% of workplaces offer such benefits.