New Year Pay Rise…yes or no

Depending on which news site/forum you looked at and which survey they used you will be getting a pay rise next year, or you won’t. I think we call that a stalemate!

According to a salary trends report by ECA International, UK professional staff will be £20 a week better off next year, equating to an average 0.8% increase, which is twice 2018, which itself was twice the forecasted amount.

However, according to job board Adzuna advertised salaries are plummeting, for the fifth month in a row. Whilst salaries in 2018 are still ahead of 2017 they look likely to continue this trend into 2019, which means no pay increases. According to Adzuna though the number of vacancies advertised has stagnated, but according to others they are still on the rise, which has led to higher salaries due to market demand and a lack of candidates, meaning you need to pay more to attract them. Confused?

Throw in the ‘B’ word, market uncertainty, climate and environmental issues, rising costs and the housing market, not to mention the winter and inflation and salaries could be anywhere next year!

Only one thing is certain and that is the ‘real living wage’ has just gone up 25p to £9 per hour, so if you work for a Living Wage firm, and 180,000 people do, you are definitely better off for 2019.