It’s a candidate market, for now

Although we read about the number of employed being at a record high, a shortage of skills and candidates and the lack of training opportunities at the grass roots level, clients still seem to think that all they need to do is shake the tree and hundreds of motivated, qualified and available candidates will fall out. Would it only be so!

The sectors we work in can be tough but spare a thought for those with the Top 20 most difficult roles to fill. Indeed, the job site, has recently analysed the 20 most undersubscribed roles in the UK with some surprising results.

Top of the list? You’ve guessed it – well you haven’t actually - because it is Football Coach, which was proving the hardest to fill!

Next on the list was Veterinary Nurse – which had 49.2 per cent of vacancies still open after 60 days – must be the years of training and dedication required.

As you might expect, those roles in professions where significant training is required feature near the top of the list, including optician, optometrist and optical assistant, followed by solicitor, surgeon and dentist.

Now, it may be the case that there is a shortage of these professionals, or it might just be that they don’t look on Indeed (or any other jobsite) to find their next role. Amongst the professions which we recruit are Architects and they are extremely difficult to attract out of their current companies, so I guess it must be the same for other professions.

What is not in doubt is that despite recent economic travails it is still a candidate driven market and has been for some years. A war for talent indeed.