Is your CV still relevant?

It seems that the mighty CV may be on the decline, although I wouldn’t shed a tear just yet! Whilst the younger generation (under 30) may be more used to online applications than us old folks, the majority of our clients (all, in fact) still expect to receive the candidates’ CV along with our report.

However, a recent survey has put some doubt on the future of the CV with more than a third of respondents, who are executive hiring managers, saying that it is now a less important part of the job search process. Networking, it seems, is king. You still need a CV but it doesn’t carry the same weight as it once did to the hiring manager.

Everyone surveyed said that, of course, they read the candidates’ CV but only half spent more than five minutes doing so and any mistakes, bad grammar, inappropriate wording and lack of qualifications gets them thrown out of the process. So, take care when preparing your CV.

As every search consultant knows, the hiring manager is looking for direct experience relevant to the role in question, so if you have it, make sure you tell them on your CV! Simple!

Reading the survey carefully it seems that hiring managers like candidates who network to them and have a good online presence (I take it they mean LinkedIn), rather than those that just send in a CV and hope for the best. Once in the process though the CV is still important, as is the interview.

You might think that in our cloud based, social and online world the good old CV is an anachronism, but it is still an important part of the job search process, albeit not the most important. Discard it at your peril.