Is salary still the king?

Recent research by one of the job boards has revealed that salary is not the king when it comes to taking a job, which is good news for employers – or is it? Apparently, only around one in ten employees would move to get a big pay rise, but as many as seven in ten in some regions would move in order to have a better lifestyle. Presumably, getting both would not go amiss either!

Add to this the four in ten UK professionals who would consider a temporary or contract position if it gave them a better work-life balance and the picture for employers gets even more confusing. Do you offer a high salary package to attract candidates, or do you offer lots of lifestyle benefits to motivate candidates to join?

A key requisite of candidates, once they have joined you, is that they want to feel valued and appreciated and can see a clear career development path, although it seems only a few employers are tuned into this. Retaining your talent is a key business driver in todays’ candidate driven market where they tend to hold all the cards.

For employers it can be a difficult and tough task to substantially change your offering, particularly if it has a knock-on effect across your entire workforce, but with a lack of available talent and a challenging business climate it could be time to wake up and smell the coffee for some.