Hands up if you like home working

After years of wanting flexible working and doing so from home, millions of us have had the chance to sample this in the last ten months and many have found that they don’t like it!

It may be that not being able to socialise ‘normally’, either with friends, family or work-colleagues has meant that home working with flexibility has not been fully realised, leading to it feeling more like a prison sentence than a release.

Poor Systems
It could also be the case that many employees just don’t have a suitable home office environment, have young children around all day asking for their time and lack good access to technology and equipment. Throw in poor working processes, ‘big brother’ bosses and old systems and we have a recipe for disaster.

New to the party also is ‘online fatigue’ causing burnout and mental exhaustion from using connected devices and video chat platforms for much of the day, with no escape. In a ‘normal’ work environment we all feel that we need to be available by email or phone at all times, but at home the urge to log on and check emails and messages is much stronger meaning that you are never away from work.

Recent research conducted by the workplace solutions provider Fellowes Brands, backs up this with a third of employees saying they are stressed when home working, feel lonely and isolated as well as lacking in energy.

The survey showed that only around half had a suitable home office environment, which was causing physical and mental issues. Many even had to buy their own equipment so they could work at home!

No wonder the shine has gone off home working, particularly if you feel that your company is more concerned about productivity and profit than how you are feeling.

Perhaps if the pandemic had not forced us into home working, with little time to prepare, better home office environments could have been set up. However you look at it, around 9 in 10 of us still like the idea of home working…

As they say: be careful what you wish for!