Going to where the candidate is

Are candidates looking where you think they are?

It is safe to say that technology has revolutionised recruitment and made the process faster and more transparent. You can now interview candidates by skype, conduct psychometric tests on-line, take up references by email, check candidates out on the web and generally find out a lot about them and the companies they work for well before you get to meet them.

However, are you failing to attract candidates at the first hurdle? That is, getting them to respond to your adverts and recruitment campaigns. You can have great processes in place to ensure fast recruitment but this is all to no avail if you do not have any candidates to put through the process! If not, one of the reasons might be that you are not campaigning where the candidate is looking.

Mobile Optimised
With workers searching for jobs during their lunch breaks and after hours on their mobiles – figures suggest that the under 35s are significantly more likely to use their phones to search for jobs (43 per cent), compared to over 50s (13 per cent) – you need to make sure your website is mobile optimised. Add in the fact that nearly 90% of employers use their websites to advertise roles and the fact that only 15% of job seekers look at company websites to find jobs and we have a huge disconnect. If we turn to recruiters it seems over half use networking sites, such as LinkedIn and Facebook, to advertise roles, but only a quarter of candidates would think of looking there.

Job Boards Rule
It seems that, contrary to the hype around social media, the majority (more than 60%) of jobseekers use job boards to find roles, which is a similar percentage of employers who would advertise on there also. Only a fifth of candidates would use social media to find a new job.

As ever, in todays’ recruitment market, the route to attracting candidates is very complicated indeed and requires careful planning, both in the use of technology and the message being sent out. The war for talent continues…