Dealing with (my) generation.

With apologies to The Who! So what generation are you? Depending on your age, you could be more prone to stress, anxiety and general poor health and wellbeing. For those that don’t know these are the accepted ages for our ‘generations’:

Generation Z: 18-23

Millennials / Generation Y: 24-42

Generation X: 43-54

Baby Boomers: 55-73

Out of these, it seems from a recent article/survey, by Group Risk Development (GRiD), the industry body for the group risk protection sector, that the Millennials and particularly Generation X suffer the most with 40% of HR and employers said they were worried about Generation X.

Apparently, this age group have poor lifestyles with bad habits such as smoking, drinking and eating too much and a general lack of fitness, which combined with their strong work ethic leads to stress, anxiety and a greater likelihood of ill health.

Not that they are on their own as Millennials seem to have the highest levels of stress and anxiety in the UK workforce today. So what is the answer? Probably better support in the workplace, more education, greater health and fitness benefits as well as financial and mental health assistance.

Oh to be young or old!