Are you a Zombie Worker?

If you are going through the motions at work and feeling demotivated whilst waiting to return to the office, find a better job or, worse still, expecting a redundancy notice then you could be a Zombie Worker…

Even if you missed the first round on Covid redundancies, it seems that those that remain lack morale and feel indisposed to give their all to their work.

Going though the motions
Recent research has found that even before any redundancies around one third of workers said that they were ‘going through the motions’ at work. After redundancies this jumped to over half for those that remained.

It has certainly been a very tough last 12 months with nearly one million redundancies so far, no end in sight for lockdown restrictions to lift and the need to work remotely, all taking their toll on staff morale.

Thinking of moving on
You would think that those that were spared redundancy or are in a secure role would be happy about it; apparently not. Many have taken on greater workloads which has increased their stress and anxiety leading to greater frustration and enhanced risk of burnout. Many don’t see themselves staying in their job past this year, but with the jobs market flat they are not looking for a new role, just coasting at work until the environment is right to move on.

Companies will suffer
The consequences and implications of this can be very damaging to a company, particularly when it needs all its staff at full speed to help them survive and grow. You may be motivated but if your colleagues appear not to be bothered, how long before their zombie state rubs off on you?

Troubling times indeed.