Are you a 'resetter'?

Apparently, many of us are looking to make big changes to our professional and personal lives through ‘resetting’ them. Amazingly, according to recent reports, over 30% of us have already done so and 30% are planning to do so in the next five years. But what is ‘resetting’ and what does it involve?

It could be making a major career change to a more rewarding role, setting up a new business or turning that hobby of yours into a money-making venture. In other words, taking control of your life and the way you live it whilst ensuring long term financial security.

You would think that this would be driven by the more mature members of the workforce. But no, 70% of 40 somethings want to ‘reset’ and see major changes in their lives, with half wanting their own business as well.

Perhaps the future we see of huge corporations and micro businesses - individual ‘consultants’ and workers - with no sign of the SME, is starting to become reality. Corporate careers seem to have been eroded over the last 25 years and the days of the true career path seem well and truly over: the portfolio career, which is ever changing and evolving, is now the path to follow.

We all want some control over our future and maybe ‘resetting’ your life and career is one way of getting this. But it seems strange that in our uncertain political and economic climate we would want more uncertainty through change; perhaps being empowered will bring security, both career, personal and financial.

So, if you have a hobby and a passion outside of your day job, can you make it pay? With millions of workers being stuck in their jobs and not using their full range of talents, perhaps now is the time to find out and reset your career!