Adaptability – have you got it

If you want to get ahead of your peers then adaptability is what you need as it seems to be one of the most desirable skill sought by employers, according to a recent survey*.

The workplace today needs employees who can cope with diverse and changing situations as the business climate moves and situations develop and change on a daily, or more frequent, basis: however, only 44% of UK workers recognised that this was a skill that they have and only a few thought it would be a useful trait to put on their CV when looking for a new role.

I am sure that most of us are not aware of all the skills we do have – since we haven’t been put in a situation yet that demands them - and those we do not, so it can be difficult to communicate this to an employer, particularly if they have not told you what they are looking for!

The workplace is changing fast so candidates need to realise that different skills will be needed with each change – so if you have them, promote them! This includes transferable skills (across functions and sectors), job-related skills (that can be used in another role) and adaptive skills (team working, problem solving etc).

As they say – the only constant in life is change…

* Michael Page’s 100 In-Demand Skills report